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Nurturing Big Hearts in Little People

Nurturing big hearts in little people.

Interactive Design and Storytelling


What is a "thingamatink?" A boat, a blanket, a flying fish? An escape from the world, or an innovative solution to conquer the fear of failure? It is all of these things and more.

Thingamatink is a book and toy pairing that inspires kids of all ages to face fear through creativity. The original origami-inspired blanket can transform into numerous shapes, from a boat to a fish. Paired with a picture book about a young inventor who takes the blanket on an adventure of mistakes and triumph, Thingamatink explores what it looks like to take a chance at bravery.

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As seen on ABC's The Toy Box!!


Recipient of Maker Faire Bay Area Educator's Choice Award 2017 & Editor's Choice Award 2016

What people are saying...

My son loves both his imaginative Thingamatink book (his favourite part is always the robots) and the blanket toy that comes with it. He enjoys experimenting with snapping the blanket together and creating different shapes, and I always enjoy watching his imagination take shape. Both book and toy are beautifully illustrated and made. Bonus: I think my husband has almost as much fun with the blanket toy as my son does, so there’s that.
— Emmy, Vancouver B.C.
Our grandchildren enjoy playing with the Thingamatink toy whenever they come over. As you can imagine, it has been many things! The book is a real joy, too, not only for the “can do” attitude of the main character, but also for the loveliness of the illustrations. Well done, Kayla and Erin!!!
— Joyce, WA
Your blanket is awesome. It is exactly what we need for baby to practice sitting. She tumbles over, and its sooo cushy that she doesn’t care...This is a blanket that can grow with kids from a very young age. Tummy time for babies to a grade school inventor!
— Madalyn, CA

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