Huh? What's "thingamatink"?!?!

Thingamatink is a project based out of Oakland, CA by Kayla Taron and Erin Fong. We believe that toys create a space for imagination, and stories speak to the heart. Together they open a door for kids to explore, be themselves, and thrive.

Erin an industrial designer and co-founder of Thingamatink.

Erin has always loved “things”: taking things apart, putting things together, asking why things are the way they are. Being able to bring her imagination to life through popsicle sticks, cardboard or hot glue always gave her so much joy while growing up. She once decided to make a bowl that flew across tight ropes! It may have been a little strange and she may not have always known exactly what it was that she was making at the time, but she always knew she was making a “thing,” a thingamatink, where her journey began.



...fell in love with storybooks at a young age.

When she was six years old and her grandpa asked what she wanted to be when she grew up, her response was instant and enthusiastic: “an author!” Later she pulled him aside to add “artist” to that future. Not much has changed over the years. With a major in Fine Art and minor in Creative Writing, she has continued to pursue her dream of writing and illustrating kids’ books--a dream finally realized as a Thingamatink co-founder. Her passion is exploring the way written and visual communication intersect to create something entirely new, similar to an instrumental harmony.

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