We believe that the combination of design and storytelling is exceptionally powerful. Play makes room for imagination, and stories speak to the heart. Together they create a safe space for kids to create, learn and explore while taking on some of life's big questions. We aim to nurture your child's creative spirit and support their tactile and emotional growth. 


What Teachers & Kids Think:

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It's educational.

Sometimes it’s okay when things don’t come easy: it builds resilience. Especially in early education, it’s important for your child to learn how to develop adaptive skills to navigate the many challenges life has to offer. In this regard, Thingamatink is a great tool for the classroom and beyond.

Despite having experienced a setback initially, the character in our book uses her imagination to create numerous structures, encouraging kids to face their own setbacks with a similar creative exuberance. 

An unfamiliar shape, our toy makes kids stop and say, “What’s this? How do I use it?” Using this creative tool, they are enabled to use their imagination to build, create, and innovate. The hand-eye coordination and dexterity required for the zippers and snaps present just enough of a physical challenge that they have to work to complete their grand design.

It's transitional.

Through play, problem-solving, imagination, and stories, Thingamatink is designed to grow with your growing inventor. From the triumphant moment your child first rolls over in tummy time, to when they master the dexterity to zip a zipper, to when they declare themselves the world’s best blanket fort architect -- for every new adventure, Thingamatink’s soft flannel, zippers and snaps are there.

While Thingamatink’s lifespan ranges from ages 1 to 8, the full capacity for experiencing play and understanding story themes is between ages 7 to 8, or 2nd to 3rd grade.



It's emotive.

We strive to support your child's emotional development, through a picture book that encourages accepting mistakes as a part of life’s creative process. The Thingamatink blanket partners with the book as a physical method for your to maneuver the many emotions of trying something new: uncertainty, frustration, delight, wonder, thoughtfulness, triumph, and of course, a good dose of silliness.