The Thingamatink Book

The Thingamatink Book

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A nervous young inventor is off to the Invention Convention to showcase her “thingamatink,” a transforming blanket. When disaster strikes and her hard work comes crashing down, she hides under her thingamatink and stumbles upon a doorway to a fantastical world. Here, both danger and delight abound.

As she encounters obstacles, she discovers that the solution may lie in the very thingamatink that let her down. Can she bring herself to invent again, despite her failure?

With poetic text, sweeping color, and a host of playful characters, author-illustrator Kayla Taron explores what it means to take a chance at bravery in the face of everyday failures.

For ages 1-8.

Dimensions: 8.5"x11"

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